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Rainbow's End

"Money doesn't change you......It reveals who you were all along"


Dylan Pryce is richer than “Money’s Mammy,” who, through her hard work, singular focus and relentless determination, has earned the title of “The Pop Diva of the Millennium." But the unintended consequence of her fame and success is that there is no viable man in her life. Seemingly, she has everything shewants… but not the one thing she needs… someone to share it all with... someone who can love her as plain old Dylan Renee’ Pryce from Hampton, Virginia. 


Caleb Walker, who owns and operates the Walker Horse and Cattle Ranch, has a good life. With female companionship on an “as-needed” basis, he is content with his life and in no rush to take a wife until an attractive, self assured woman like he’s never known, comes to Socrates, Texas, and turns his life upside down and inside out.


Although Dylan and Caleb come from two different worlds, couldn’t they be after the same Rainbow’s End?  Everyone believes the singer and the cowboy are an unlikely and doomed pair—everyone but Dylan and Caleb.  Will they get the opportunity to explore their love through its natural evolution or will they fall prey to self-absorbed, mettlesome manipulators?  


ISBN-10:  1599830698; -13: 978-1599830698

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