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Gay G. Gunn


Despite our outrageous, flawed humanity, I choose to write about the “yes” of us. My genre is the positive portrayal of African American women and the men who deserve them… past and present with enduring images that remain relevant well into the future. Gay G. Gunn (aka GiGi Gunn) is the author of ten novels, three of which have been required reading at the high school and college levels.


I began writing when I couldn’t find books with characters I could recognize or relate to, so I sat down and wrote a novel of my own with women who defy odds and refuse to be defined by others. It was overwhelmingly rewarding to find that the people and plots that populate my novels reverberated in the hearts and minds of so many readers, women and men, who embraced them beyond my wildest dreams. Readers who understand that, despite our race and class distinctions, we are more alike than different. These timeless tales captivate, unfold and transport readers as they entertain, educate and reinforce life lessons we grew up with.  I’ll keep writing as long as you keep reading!


Gay G. Gunn resides in the DMV (Metropolitan Washington, D.C.) where she is working on her eleventh title, Book III of the Culhane family trilogy.