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Official Bio of Gay G. Gunn

Gay G. Gunn (aka GiGi Gunn), third generation born and bred native Washingtonian, is a product of the D.C. Public Schools.  Upon graduating from Howard University with a major in sociology and double minor of psychology and education, she was awarded a two-year fellowship from National Institute of Mental Health and attended Howard University School of Social Work.  With her Master’s in Social Work, she worked in the court system before embarking on a career in education as director and program administrator at American University, Archbishop Carroll High School and the University of Maryland, College Park and Shady Grove campuses. 

In the early 1990s the author tired of the limited, literary offerings, and searched for a celebration of African American life beyond the accepted two-note, urban poor/rural poor spectrum. “In the symphony that is our experience in America, I sought a wider perspective of ‘us.’ Positive portrayals of us; woman and men.”  Finding a void, she began writing novels she wanted to read.  Under the name Gay G. Gunn, Everlastin’ Love, Nowhere To Run and Pride and Joi  were born and became required reading at the high school and college levels in English, American History and African American Literature classes around the country.  Under the pen name of GiGi Gunn, she released and received critical acclaim for Cajun Moon, Rainbow’s End, Living Inside Your Love and Never Been To Me.  


A staunch believer that entertaining and educating are not mutually exclusive, Gay G. Gunn seeks to captivate readers with thought-provoking scenarios, strong yet flawed characters and engaging storytelling. Her tales, noted for their visual texture and depth, are steeped with old-fashion values; love of self, family and community, sprinkled with life lessons that attract all readers--young and old, female and male.


“At the end of a Gay G. Gunn novel, I want readers to feel good. Good about who they are, what they are and their place in the world. I want them to dwell in possibility.”


Most recently, the author has explored the genesis of the Culhane family from Africa to modern America through a trilogy. One Day. Someday. Soon…Book I is followed by Might Could Be, Book II, both currently available.


Gay G. Gunn resides in the DMV (Metropolitan Washington, D.C.) where she is working on her eleventh title, Book III of the Culhane family trilogy. 


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